I have known Gina since 2003 when I consulted her for the first time. Then, with great amazement, I experienced Gina's incredible ability to see and understand, and I immediately realized what was right for me to do in relation to the problem I was in the middle of.

Since then, there have been a lot of girl collections with lectures and or problem solving in relation to each participant.

There have been exciting compassionate meetings where we have been sharing each other's problems and solving what we are doing, under Gina's wonderful understanding.

Gina "sees" clearly who other people around us are. This gives us the opportunity to understand the problems we have with some individuals or situations. She guides us with humor and seriousness to solve what is difficult. This makes it so much easier to take the challenge of changing things that need to be different to go further in life in a good way.

Sometimes one has to figure out things themselves, but every time things get too complicated, I'll have a consultation with Gina, because she always sees the solution.

I'm so grateful for everything Gina has done to me in these 14 years I've known her.


Love from Sidsel Wiik