Gina Anita Kristensen is a very strong medium.

She has the ability to see the bigger picture of your life and the various situations.

A meeting with her can be life-changing.

She can point out where your opportunities are and where the solutions to your problems lies.

After a reading by Gina something also seems to change in the energy. The feeling of being stuck eases and life seems to move forward with more clarity.

I`m speaking from experience, and I can highly recommend Gina Anita to everyone.   

Best wishes Malin M.L.

The first time I was in contact with Gina was about 17-18 years ago. I soon realized that this is a sincere and earthy person in complete contact with himself and his strong abilities. A real and clean channel. To me, Gina is a very honest and generous supervisor, the questions I have and the topics I wish to highlight are consistently received seriously. She is an eunuch in seeing and explaining nuances, outer patterns and different perspectives, what energies are moving and how and why they move and attract people.

Cause - effect is something we all know exists, but how we react, and how we choose to relate to it is often unconscious. Peronally it was a matter of daring to meet himself in the door. To sort and clean up mentally and spiritually not to grab one's own head and move me forward and beyond. Our lives are so big and fragmented, and our patterns and reactions are so intrigued. I have had the need to see connections in the gray zones, in the diffuse, but also in the clear. This is Gina formidable to help in place. With her guidance and clarity, I get sorted emotions, emotions and events. I get a much better understanding of elavant causal relationships and hence the energies that occur within the subject I'm affected by. Not uncommonly, I find that what seems unclear turns out to be quite obvious. I feel that such erasures implement tremendously constructive further processes for redemption and release of stalks and blockages.

The most important Gina has given me through our many conversations is the discovery of the joy and privilege of the free will. To simply choose to know and know that we actually have - much more than we think. Simply being lucky to be able to implement it in our mental and physical life by choosing differently for ourselves now and then, then putting into action and ultimately complete freedom. I will continue to consult with Gina and can strongly recommend this glorious northern with a clean and peaceful heart.


All people need a "mental clean" once in a while to be the best issue of themselves. Whether one feels sadness, anger, worry, frustration or simply need to air their mind, then gives a conversation with Gina's peace of mind.

My teenage son had trouble and he was both angry and frustrated. I was worried and ordered a conversation with Gina. I do not know what they were talking about during the conversation, but the turnaround from angry and frustrated boy to happy and happy boy during a single conversation is hardly possible. He gave me a hug and a "thank you mum", since he has never looked back.

Gina is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Trustworthy, wise and solution-oriented. In addition, she has a special team with children and adolescents.

I am forever grateful for the help she has given to both me and my family.

Highly recommended.


The first lecture with Gina I was goal-bound for 4 hours. She got spiritual theme to become current and understandable. My life experience was tied together with new insights and in this way more understandable.

A chat with Gina is always evolving. Her clergy, love and respect provide new valuable perspectives on life. After several conversations with Gina, I found her to be the most intelligent person I've met!

Gina is an engaged, energetic and warm person. She has insights into the individual and what it needs to develop. It's excited to hear her talk about the big prospects that embrace all of us.



I really can highly recommend consultations with Gina Kristensen. I am very grateful for all the help I have received through these.

Gina looks deep and clear and one clearly knows that is the truth she communicates. And then it's so good to talk to her! I experience her warm, direct and earthy and spiritual at the same time.

My conversations with Gina, who have gone on many occasions with years apart, have been an invaluable help in my efforts to get a deeper stand in myself, more free from old self-reliant patterns I've had with me from earlier childhood. The understanding of the meaning of my life and the mysteries of existence has become clearer.

In fact, only one consultation has given inspiration and progress for several years! And never have a conversation with her avoided touching deeply by giving joy, deep calm or strong acknowledgments or all of it at once.


I am very grateful to have attended your lecture. Great to get help seeing things from outside. It made it easier for me to grab difficult things and actually understand that I am taking some choices and making changes. It was like some pieces fell into place in my life.

Thank you very much.

Regards Elin


I have used Gina as a consultant for over 10 years. She has been with me through several job shifts, child worship and cohabitation and will continue with it in the future. How often we speak varies greatly. Sometimes there is a long time between each time, while in other periods it may be more often. When I face difficult situations where I'm unsure, whether it's work, personal relationships or my children, it's always good to talk to her. Although I have been desperate and discouraged at the start of the conversation, I have been in a good mood at the end and have threatened to find a solution. She explains my and others' reactions, which are often unconscious and I do not realize. In retrospect it has always been proven that she has been right. Often she comes with input that I have not thought of and many times I have been grateful for the advice. I like that she gives me a better basis for making my own decisions, without telling me what to do. In these years I have gone through a personal development that has been amazing, thanks to the conversations with Gina. Eventually I've learned to focus on the positive in life, tackling the issues as they appear and look at them as an opportunity for growth rather than something negative. Gina is a good person who you know just want you and they around you well. She explains things in an easy and understandable way, and with a good portion of humor.


My experiences with Gina's abilities and knowledge are very positive. I am one who is searched, but skeptical of everything that is not quite tangible.

About 5 years ago, I met Gina for the first time. I was recommended to go to her by a girlfriend. I was in a life situation that was not particularly easy and I had to make some difficult choices. That time I got the help I wanted and a little more. We talked about a lot and I was curious about whether I was going to have children with my new boyfriend. She would rather not say anything about this, but it still came to light that there were great opportunities for it. Nor was it anyone. It was going to be a strong and clear boy. I went from the hour with Gina very pleased and thought that this with the boy got the time show.

Two years passed and the boy came. Strong and clear shows you he is. The guidance I received from her during this hour was very helpful when my difficult choices were taken. This was my first meeting with Gina. It turns out that we will meet again.

I and some friends with common interests have chosen to meet for sharing experiences / knowledge and helping each other with the challenges we face above. In that context, we also invited Gina. In advance we choose one theme that fits right now, and Gina continues on this in his posts. When we gather, there is also room for everyone to get a little of what they want to get illuminated. Or get individual advice where needed.

About 2 years ago I had a new challenge. Then again Gina gave me new hope. I was wondering how my future in the job market would look like. Then Gina was very clear and said that the job I should have in time did not exist at all, but I had to be patient. By chance I came across a completely new leaderboard. I took the liberty and searched for the job and got it. I am very happy with my new job and will meet Gina further.

My experience is that Gina is very skilled. She is honest in her statements and I have gained great faith in this. With this I can recommend Gina both in group and in one to a conversation.

Liv A.