• Channeled lectures for         small and large groups

• Private consultations

• Relations

• Guidance for couples,     families and young people

• Mental cleanup

• Art Therapy.





That being said; my main focus is personal development.


It's hard to explain what it means that I "read energies", but the short answer is that I can see what lies in the mind, in the body and in the soul. During the conversation, I will be able to go in and out of the rooms of the mind, body or mind to find the answers that you need here and now. At the same time, I move in on time when the purpose is the same; to give you answers to the things that are good for you. I can see in the past (who you've had around you, how you've been shaped, the blockages that may be fine in you from this time, etc.) - I can see in the present (where you are now where you have been where you want to go, that is, both from the mind and from the soul at the same time) - and I can see in the future.


It also varies how much I tell about the future. If you are ready for a lot of information, you will get a lot of information. But if there is something that hurts you (either in the mind, in practical life or in the soul) then I will tell you first.


Information about the future comes on time.


Keywords are creating ending what's not needed, clarifying what's unclear, opening the mind for another and broader perspective, exchanging uncertainty and horror with joy, inner self-esteem, strength, courage, will and courage.


With more.

I am adapting to you.



It's time to do what it takes to move on, up and forward.



With confidence

to where I have my faith,

is present

and gives me guidance on my lectures

I wish you




Channeled lectures are something close to my heart.


I hold lectures for small and larger groups.


There are room for personal and general questions.

Often it also takes time for private channels. There will be "something" for the individual to take home for reflection.


The lectures are held in Norwegian, but can also be conducted in English.


Time and places are updated on this page at any time.



• The past

• The present

• The future

• Helpers

• Past lives

• Karma

• Mental patterns / blockages

• Opportunities and solutions.


Otherwise, the theme that is important for you. 



We look at what has been,

who's here now - and why -

and who is coming.

We do so with confidence.



Relationships are a big part of our lives, all of life.


All kinds of relationships are something I work a lot with. It may be a relationship with a partner, parents, children, friends, etc.


You ask.

I answer.


I experience it to know "their place" in the relationships they have had and now give understanding and thus security with all "why" and "why not."


Uncertainty tends to make us feel weak. Getting this theme highlighted makes sense for mind and mind. The effect of such consultation is as if the pieces fall into place.


Getting an overview of yourself and those around you is so important that sometimes it will even affect the future.


Something we put away.

Other things we welcome.



This is a consultation that is great for those who want to look at themselves, their role and each other's role in the group.


Together we look at what creates misunderstandings, distances and conflicts. The purpose is to get a different perspective, insight and awareness. This will in turn open up for cooperation and community - and pleasure.

Not least enjoyment.


I have seen families change after such a conversation.



Youth Award.

For your enjoyment

is also mine.



I am grateful to have the opportunity to give consultations to young people (see reference.)


The feedback I have received is that the client has gained faith in himself, better self-esteem, and willingness to work towards his goals. And perhaps most importantly; pride of being the one you are.


I have respect for maturity and what is called processes.

But some possibilities should not be put on hold.


Some things should be done now.



Set your mind




In a consultation focused on mental cleanup, we look at what creates obstacles, fear and insecurity and the reason for this.


When we experience that we do not get on, there is often something in the mind that has not fallen in place.


This is a conversation where I help to find out what's in your mind.


 Keywords are:

• Clear what does not serve its purpose anymore

• Focus

• Discover how we can create cooperation in the mind

• How to end internal divisions.


My hope is;

to help you from the feeling of stagnation to movement.


This is about energy -

for those who are beyond words.



Art therapy is an exciting form of healing.


In this consultation, there is no dialogue in focus. You may want to express whether it is a special theme you want to clarify.


This is nevertheless no conversation.


I draw what you are, what you have been and what you will be.

I use pastel chalk. It's rare I'm talking while I'm drawing.


We are not afraid of silence.


It's as if what you have inside literally comes on the pair.


We may spend some time interpreting the drawing afterwards. However, often it's not necessary. 

For while I draw, you will see the answers you need there and then - on the paper.




The solution

can be

easier and closer 

then you think