I am pleased to offer silence retreats.


It's a special experience, both on the mental and emotionell level, but also the spiritual. Even though I mention  spitituality in this context, my main focus is still at "here and now."


This is a good opportunity to spend time for yourself and with the group. We live in silence for the period of time you may wish. I'm offering retreats for a weekend, for one week and for 2 weeks, current from June 2018 and beyond. Place will be in the area of Mariestad or Kristinehamn in Sweden. 


The first day we get familiar with the place where we are living, and other participants. Together we go through the practical things. Silence begins the same evening. 


A day program may look like as follows: 


0700-0730: meditation

0740-0820: meditation

0830: easy to medium trim

0900: breakfast / free time.


1200: lunch


1300-1345: meditation

1400-1445: meditation

1500: crystal healing for one of the participants.


Free time. 


1600: dinner.


Free time. 


1800: lecture

1900-1945: meditation

2000-2045: meditation


Evening food.




The daily program will vary to a certain extent from day to day. The reason for this is that I will customize what everybody in the group needs. These changes will be impulsive.


All participants are offered one crystal healing (including in the price.)


Each of the participanct makes a shared dinner. We arrange breakfast and evening food ourselves. 


I'm looking forward to spend some educational days with you. 


The price, date and place will be added later on.




Best regards from Gina Anita




I enjoyed a silent-retreat, with Gina Anita Kristensen, during eight days in January 2018. I had hoped that the retreat would at least give me a break from everyday life, but it became much more than that. I think that I revived my own energy again, I am definitely feeling a lot stronger for it.

Kristensen is one of the best spiritual healers and mediums. During the retreat I experienced that difficult thoughts and emotions were released.  To me it seemed like these were patterns of energy that had been stuck with me for a long time but were now given the room to surface and release. This felt both a bit hard and a great relief. At the same time, it was lovely to enjoy the peaceful, calm silence with Gina.

Looking back at this now I can see a great change in my-self. I have found my own strength again and that makes life a lot easier to live. Thank you, Gina.


Best regards, Anne. 

I signed up for the silence retreat to take a break from the daily life. I had a desire to get in contact with my inner self, to become more aware of the way i live, what I've got and what I wish for more in my life. I left with a greater clarity in relation to this. Suddenly it was clear to me what I wish to use my energy on in my daily life, what I want more of and what I want less of in my life. 


It was a nice balance between free time and daily tasks. There was enough time for reflection, reconsideration and to sit in silence and enjoy our own company.There were joint meditation sessions during the day which led me to easily find back to the deep meditative state at home. There were lectures, always with a theme that gave meaning and reverberation to all of us. Regardless to which theme Gina talks about, it always gives greater clarity in our own life. The silence retreat with Gina made me get a deeper contact with myself , a deeper calm, a stronger clarity in my life. Spending one week with Gina made me very aware where to put my focus.


Just being together with Gina gives the energy a boost. After one week with her I can raise my own energy in a way that everything that is insignificant and unnecessary use of energy suddenly became very clear to me. I can make more correct choices for me and have a clearer goal of where I want to be in my life. One feels very welcome and taken care of with Gina who has a sparkling mood and a lot of humor. This makes the comfort a great one together with Gina. 


Gina has a unique ability to look into your life in such a detailed manner while she is lifting the energy up to such a level that there is always clarity, freedom and flow in the feedback that she gives. Spending time with Gina always gives me a stronger clarity and calmness for my life.